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Comments on new Windows Live sign in tech

September 18, 2011

Comments on Dare’s video about Windows live sign in tech embedded in Windows 8.

Easy sign in:

Why Live and not Facebook-connect? At over 700 million users and counting, as a web developer I would rather have them use Facebook connect to sign in. There is a further benefit to this, in that immediately Facebook marketing strategies are available, which is kind of non optional now-a-days for most developers.

Even if Microsoft Live becomes dominant (imagineable because of Windows’s dominance), I still need Facebook sign in to market the app. Means I need Facebook-connect. So rather than have 2 sign ins, I’d rather have one.

Live sign in:
You just used an email address to sign in and never demonstrated a password presumably because that is an account that Windows 8 knows about.  Further when logging into to a web app in IE it was single click, because of the previous login.  But do Chrome and Firefox (probably just over 50% of the browser market) support this functionality& the WL object? Does Microsoft have buy in here? an NPAPI plugin preinstalled for those browsers perhaps?

Doesn’t seem that some of  this live id tech is as complete a  solution to the  ‘universal problem’ talked about in the beginning given iOS and Android & other platforms.

Zeroclick sign in isn’t always a benefit, if you have private info in some of your accounts.
The way the project I’m working on works is using Facebook connect (using the facebook app token as a timeout) to sign in for private info… and using our own cookie for personalization which lasts months.

Same code:
It’s nice when you said it’s javascript everywhere. However it’s a pity that it’s javascript. Later Dare said that there are different objects for C++/c#/java style apps (maybe that’s not what metro is about), so you can’t simply copy and paste code 🙂

Ranting about language tech though…. I think what Google is doing with efforts like GWT (same code everywhere) & Native Client is more future looking. Not that those two are addressing the same concerns. But I like that they are trying to get strongly-type languages, with refactoring capabilities and stronger (potentially with GWT/Angry birds) efficiency experiences in the browser. I think that Native Client will revolutionize games in the browser. Even thinking about sign in, should be future thinking with respect to these technologies… of course this is more a comment about the prevalence and assumed superiority of javascript.. so just a bit of a rant 🙂

Sessions were mentioned in the video with respect to data sharing… but no mention of the data itself. Seems to me that these are intimately connected. Are these simply blobs? Or do they represent some form of structured data? If you have large sets of data, can you cache/page as necessary and get at data granularily. I remember syncing Windows profiles on a network and waiting for your profile to copy over and back when logging in and off on different machines was a pain in the neck. I’m sure there are answers to these questions, but since I’m not on Windows 8, I have no incentive to look it up at the moment. Would have been useful in the talk.