Learning to live as inferior

In today’s world we’ve successfully (more or less) learned to live with people that are different. Different skin colour, different culture, different language, different religion. The challenge that humanity still struggles with is to live with people that are superior. Even the words superior and inferior most readers of this entry will dislike, because they read into it something more fundamental. The fact of the matter is many of our neighbours are better looking, better spoken, better educated and wealthier than we are. Usually to varying degrees, but occasionally the whole shabang and let’s throw in better sense of humour just for good measure.

Trying to be egalitarian about it does not go to the heart of the problem. It’s easiest to try and tax the wealthier because they have the most tangible assets that can be redistributed. But really the problem is not in the world. The problem is in us. We should be working on ourselves to “not and let this bother us”. We should be comfortable enough in our own skins that we don’t mind that others are better, and if possible if the quality is attainable, then we should endeavour to attain it. Some things aren’t attainable, but then part of being an adult is the maturity to live with this. To shy away to remote regions where this “isn’t in your face” is a hack and really means that you haven’t learned the skills to really not give a damn.

..will probably expand this a little later.


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